Munna and me
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More outtakes! Happy Easter!!!

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Easter outtakes

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Happy Easter everyone!

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Hi I am Snickers and I want a Cheerio

I hope my agouti turns out this beautiful even if she isn’t a rex. Regardless, I’ll love her bunches!

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Morning Oats.

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I love her face.

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I’m proud to officially be registered as a Bone Marrow Donor with Delete Blood Cancer. I’m lucky or blessed or however you want to see it to be healthy and the registration was easy! Just a swab of the cheek.

What’s a few weeks of discomfort to save someone’s life?

To find out more information, feel free to ask or go to

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many splendored

much happiness

such courage

Love Courage!

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My gorgeous birthday girl.
Happy 1st Birthday Aubry!

I know the photos aren’t the best, but the top one, still so cute.

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